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Emilia ~

Things I’m good at: Disappearing completely on week long adventures. Meeting strangers. Stretching. Lacking shame.

Check out my awesome friend Sandys work. This is me being moody for him.

my May editorial for FREQ magazine w/ Canadian model amazement agnieszka wichniewicz

mimisbuzz said: Hey, I'm Mimi. Just had to tell you that your photographs are really amazing! Not only your fashion photos, but I think your self portraits are really great too! They've got that wow-factor :)

Thank you :) That means a helluva’ lot. 

mykoreanapartment said: hi!

Oh Hi! 

Lauren Koehn @ ModeModels

Olivia Billsten @ Mode Models INT

Anonymous said: Can you post a selfie?

a self-portrait or phone sorta’ selfie? hah.